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The Commission 

The Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at 9 AM in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.  


City Members

    Ed Waage, City of Pismo Beach  | Term: December 2023

    Steve Gregory, City of Paso Robles | Term: December 2025

    Alternate Charles Bourbeau, City of Atascadero | Term: December 2022


County Members

    Chairperson Debbie Arnold, District 5 | Term: December 2025

    Jimmy Paulding, District 4 | Term: December 2023

    Alternate Dawn Ortiz-Legg, District 3 | Term: December 2023


Special District Members

    Vice Chair Marshall Ochylski, Los Osos CSD | Term: December 2026

    Robert Enns, Cayucos Sanitary District | Term: December 2024

    Alternate Ed Eby, Nipomo CSD  | Term: December 2025


Public Members

    Heather Jensen | Term: December 2024

    Alternate David Watson | Term: December 2024


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