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LAFCO No. 2-R-24 | Dissolution of San Simeon Community Service District

On May 30, 2024, San Simeon Community Services District (CSD) submitted an application to LAFCO for the dissolution of the CSD. LAFCO has established this webpage to ensure that relevant information and documents are readily available to the public regarding the dissolution of the CSD. "Dissolution" under State Government Code means the disincorporation, extinguishment, or termination of the existence of a district and the cessation of all its corporate powers. Below is a high-level overview of the dissolution process which can take 12 months or more.

  1. Resolution of Application adopted by SSCSD on May 2, 2024
  2. LAFCO recieved the Resolution of Application on May 30, 2024
  3. LAFCO 30 Day Review
    1. LAFCO staff will determine if the application is sufficient for filing. If the application is not sufficient and additional information is needed, then the proposal will be placed on hold. The applicant will be informed of the status of the application through a 30-day review letter.
  4. Notice/Referrals to Affected Agencies
    1. Affected Agencies will have an opportunity to comment on the proposal.
    2. The County will receive a referral requesting the County’s position on the plan for services submitted by SSCSD. If warranted, the County should provide their own plan for services with analysis related to costs, time, and staffing to take on the responsibilities of the District and determine if they plan to pursue the formation of a County Service Area.
  5. Certificate of Filing
    1. Once the applicant has met all submission requirements and all items in the 30-day review letter have been met, LAFCO will issue a Certificate of filing accepting the application for filing.
    2. A Hearing will be set within 90 days of the Certificate of Filing.
  6. LAFCO Hearing
    1. Staff will prepare a staff report and supporting documents for the hearing.
    2. 21-day notice of Hearing & additional noticing would be conducted per gov code section 56660, 56661, & 56665
  7. 30-Day Reconsideration Period
    1. Following a 30-day period during which any person may request the Commission to reconsider its action approving a proposal per gov code section 56895.
  8. Protest Proceedings/Election
    1. If LAFCO approves the dissolution, protest thresholds are set forth in gov code section 57092.  In summary, if more than 25% of landowners who own at least 25% of the assessed value of land within SSCSD or if 25% of registered voters oppose the action but less than 50%, it goes to an election, if more than 50% it's terminated, as per 57078. 
  9. Certificate of Completion
    1. After all Commission Conditions of Approval have been met LAFCO may file the Certificate of Completion with the County Clerk Recorder.
    2. Dissolution is not completed and effective until the Certificate of Completion is filed.


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