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Joint Power Authorities

On January 1, 2017, Senate Bill 1266 became effective. The Joint Exercise of Powers Act requires joint power agencies (JPAs) to file their agreements and any amendments with LAFCOs no later than July 1, 2017. The Bill prohibits any agency or entity from issuing any bonds or incurring any indebtedness until filings are completed. It is also required that the filing be with the LAFCO in each county within all or any part of a local agency’s member’s territory is located.

The following JPA's provide the agreement and amendments submitted by the JPAs under Senate Bill 1266.

MOA Member Jurisdictions .pdfCentral Coast Blue Regional Recycled Water Authority.pdfFive Cities Fire Authority.pdf​Black Gold Cooperative Library System.pdfCity of Paso Robles Amendment.pdfIntegrated Waste Management Authority.pdfMorro Bay:Cayucos JPA Wastewater Treatment Plant.pdfCentral Coast Water Authority.pdfGolden State Connect Authority .pdfCentral Coast Community Energy.pdfMonterey Bay Community Power Authority.pdfCuyama Basin Groundwater Sustainability Authority.pdf
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